Powerful catalysts mimicking natural enzymes 21 marzo 2022

O luns 21 de marzo de 2022 ás 10,30h contaremos co seminario de Margarita Vázquez (do TeamNanoTech) para falar do seu traballo de investigación, na ponencia títulada "Powerful catalysts mimicking natural enzymes". A charla será presencial na na Sala de Videoconferencias da Torre CACTI como virtual a través do Campus Remoto da UVigo.

"Powerful catalysts mimicking natural enzymes" - Margarita Vázquez (TNT)

Natural enzymes are extremely efficient at catalyzing a huge variety of reactions with high substrate specify, activities and yields under mild reaction conditions. As a result, there is a significant interest in using them for diverse applications. However, problems as low operational stability, sensitivity to environmental conditions, difficulties in recovery and recycling limit their applications. To overcome these limitations great efforts have been made to explore efficient mimetics of these natural enzymes, which are less vulnerable to denaturation, can be prepared in control way with low cost and are more stable to the biodegradation. Owing to their unique properties the use of nanomaterials has been one of the most promising alternatives proposed by many researchers. Although nowadays it is well established that nanozymes possess several distinct advantages over natural enzymes as well as other reported artificial enzymes, they still face several limitations, such us the lack of substrate specificity, poor catalytic activity, multifunctionality and multienzyme activity, as well as poor understanding of the mechanist principles and structure-activity relationship, and these are the challenges we are trying to address.