Sandra Míguez Lago - Seminar Programme 26 abril 2024 Sala de seminarios da Torre CACTI

Programa Seminar Programme

O venres 26 de abril de 2024 a Dra. Sandra Míguez Lago (Universidad de Granada, Dto. Química Orgánica) ofrecerá o seminario "Think first, then synthesize: building bridges between Chirality and Artificial Intelligence", dentro do ciclo "CINBIO Seminar Programme".

Será ás 11:00h na Sala de seminarios de Torre CACTI.


What will be your next synthesis in the lab? What do you pursue with it?
Most of the time the answer is either “in order to explore this area of knowledge,” or “because no one has done it before,” or “in search of certain properties”. That's valid, but what if Artificial Intelligence could help you direct your synthetic efforts towards target molecules with exceptional properties predicted in advance in the blink of an eye?
In this talk we will focus on the Artificial Intelligence assisted prediction of the chiroptical properties of chiral compounds such as helicenes.