Seminar 25apr2019. Biostatistics and Epidemiology 22 abril 2019

The seminar will be given on Thursday 25th of April 2019 at 10  AMSala de Conferencias CACTI (Torre CACTI-Planta 0).

Tittle: “Body mass index transitions during childhood: a multi-state model approach

The speaker will be Dr. Carla Moreira, EPI Unit. Instituto de Saúde Pública, Universidade do Porto (ISPUP). CMAT; collaborating with SIDOR group, Biostatistics and Epidemiology .

The talk will be in spanish. No registration is required.


Prevalence of overweight and obesity in young children has risen dramatically in the last decades in most developed countries. Childhood overweight and obesity are known to have immediate and long-term health consequences and are now recognized important public health concerns of our time. In this study, we aimed to assess the transitions across states defined in terms of body mass index categories on young children.

Although children experiences transitions in a continuous time, assessments on them are often made at irregularity spaced time points. A Markov 4-state model for examining longitudinal data on the body mass index (BMI) status collected under interval-censoring observation is formulated.

The participants consisted of 4128 children from Generation XXI birth cohort, Porto – Portugal, with anthropometric evaluations at three follow up waves, from 2005 and 2017. The instantaneous rate of transition of children between the ages 4 and 10 years, among various states, defined by the BMI categories was estimated and the effect of maternal age and education, type of delivery, sex and birth weight was evaluated. Statistical significant results were only found for sex and maternal education and were only significant on the progressive transitions.

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