Seminar 9th may 2019. Colloids-Nanotechnology 07 maio 2019

The seminar will be done on Thursday 9th of May 2019, at 10  AMSala de Conferencias CACTI (Torre CACTI-Planta 0).

Tittle: “Design and fabrication of nanostructured plasmonic materials as biosensors for SERS detection

The speaker will be Sarah De Marchi Lourenço, Colloid Chemistry Group(Nanotechnology); 

The talk will be in english. No registration is required.


Surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) spectroscopy is a powerful technique for ultrasensitive detection and quantification of molecules on or nearby the surface of plasmonic nanostructures. It provides unambiguous identification by the characteristic vibrational fingerprint of each molecule and extremely low detection limits.

These features make SERS a very promising technique in different fields, including biological applications. In this way, the rational design and fabrication of highly efficient optical enhancing substrates are crucial and an ongoing challenge, since there is no universal substrate that fits all systems.

Here, we present the fabrication of different plasmonic substrates for direct and indirect SERS detection, and demonstrate their applicability in the detection of cell membrane biomarkers, signaling molecules of quorum sensing, as well as molecular sieves in complex media.

1th May Inmunology