Tese doutoral - Catarina Branco 09 setembro 2022 Sala de seminarios da Torre CACTI

O venres 22 de setembro ás 11:00h Catarina Branco (CME) defenderá a súa tese de doutoramento baixo o título "Influence of the last glacial period on the genetic diversity of modern humans." Será na Sala de Seminarios da Torre CACTI.

"A key environmental factor that may have greatly influenced the genetic patterns of modern humans is the last glacial period (LGP). It is known that this period promoted range contractions, isolation in glacial refuges and subsequent range re-expansions, but it could also allow a rapid arrival to some regions due to the low sea level. The main objective of this Doctoral Thesis is to formally evaluate the influence of the LGP on the genetic diversity of our species."