The fourteen groups at CINBIO do research with the goal of transferring it back to society. Some of their more recent results have allowed businesses to co-develop, acquire or collaborate in the advancement of certain new technologies.

This section contains a selection of our most relevant capacities in recent years, which you may download as a single document or review group by group.

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Cinbio, investigadores e investigadoras do máis alto nivel

Rare Diseases Lab

Biomass and Sustainable Development (EQ2)

New Generation Computer Systems (SING)

TeamNanoTech (TNT)

Organic Chemistry Innovation and Development (ORCHID)

Magnetics Materials Group (MMG)

Innovation in agrifood and health (CI8)

Applied Physics

Endocrinology (LabEndo)

Neuroscience (FB3 B)

Immunology (IN1)

Statistical Inference, Decision and Operations Research Group (SiDOR)

Functional NanoBiomaterials Group (FunNanoBio)


Group of Advanced Materials (GAME)


Computational Molecular Evolution (CME)

Materials Chemistry and Physics Group (MCPG)

Synthetic Biology Group (SynBio)