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<<RESEARCH TALENT ATTRACTION PROGRAM-XUNTA DE GALICIA>> 2020. Preselection for CINBIO (Biomedical Research Center)

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1_Information on this CALL

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3_Declaration Postdoc_Experience

4_Declaration Of Not Recruited in Galicia for 24 months.

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The Department of Education, Universities and Training of Xunta de Galicia is preparing a call of research contracts, on a competitive process, to attract and retain research talent in the category of distinguished research staff in the University System of Galicia (SUG).

The call for the «Research Talent Attraction Program» will allow the submission of a maximum of 10 applications per Galician University. Therefore, the University of Vigo launches a process of pre-selection in order to prepare the applications to compete with the rest of Galician Universities.

Objective of the Research Talent Attraction Program

The aim of the Xunta de Galicia program is the attraction of excellent postdoctoral researchers and their incorporation into the SUG research structures.

The objective of this pre-selection process opened by the University of Vigo is to select 10 research candidates to submit an application to the «Research Talent Attracting Program».

Characteristics of the contracts

Each contract will consist in the hiring of a distinguished researcher for a maximum of 4 years that cannot be extended.

The maximum annual amount of each grant is € 91,000:

– € 50,000 in salary and social costs

– € 40,000 for the development of the research line. A 20% of indirect costs must be subtracted from this amount.

Specific Requirements:

Deadline for submission and documentation

The deadline for submitting applications will end on December 18. The documentation that must be submitted is:

– Application form according to the model provided, in which the 5 most relevant merits of his/her research career should be highlighted.

– Copy of ID or passport.

– Copy of the doctor’s degree.

– Declaration of the postdoctoral experience (4 years) according to the model provided.

– Declaration of not having been hired by any Galician public investigation organism in the previous 24 months according to the model provided.

– Summary of CV merits.

– Curriculum vitae, preferably according to the standardized model on the website

If you are selected as a candidate, the postdoctoral experience must be accredited and each of the presented merits must be justified to submit the application at the Xunta de Galicia.

Previous considerations

According to the call, these contracts will take into account the relative weight of women in the proposals presented in order to enhance their number and to reduce the imbalance between women and men researchers in the SUG.

Important information

Each candidate should apply for just one Center of the University of Vigo (AtlanTTIc, CIM, CINBIO or Ecobas).

CINBIO (Biomedical Research Center), offers these main strategic areas:

Molecular medicine / Nutrition and Wellness / Nanomaterials / Bio-statistics / Health informatics and intelligent systems

developed by 14 research leaders, working in these areas:

Applied Physics / Biomass and Sustainable Development / Analytical & Food Chemistry. Biotoxins. / Colloid Chemistry and Nanophotonics / Magnetic Materials / Nanocatalysis and biosensors / Organic Chemistry / Neuroscience / Endocrinology / Rare Diseases/Immunology Evolutionary and Biomedical Genomics / Next Generation Computer Systems Group / Biostatistics and Epidemiology

contact emails: ;